Much Respect, Many Thanks to ZYZZYVA and HBO Access

Count me as a frequent flyer on cloud nine for now.

Bizarrely, my first attempt at screenwriting made it into the top 1% of 2,000 submissions considered for the HBO Access fellowship. While I won’t be advancing in the competition, this nod and the chance to yap on the phone with the stellar Kelly Edwards – HBO’s Director of Talent Development and Programming – was enough to encourage me to pursue screenwriting further. So I’ll divide the scant summer days between completing my novel and adapting it as a feature film script, then hurl both manuscripts out into the world and hope one sticks.

And I’m utterly honored and humbled to share more nerdy-dance-inducing news: a new scribble, “Clutter,” has been selected for publication in ZYZZYVAEven better is the chance to work again with the stellar Laura Cogan and Oscar Villalon, whose astute and gentle editorial guidance made a vast improvement to the ending of “Mr. Chompers” (issue 101).

Some months drag us through dirt. Others are pretty damn happy.


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