• Harsh and beautiful, yearning and deadly, the stories of Soma Mei Sheng Frazier will remind you of nothing less than the whole wide world. —Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket

    Brilliant is a word usually associated with diamonds therefore this is the appropriate word for Soma Mei Sheng Frazier who writes like a young Toni Morrison: clear, clean yet heart skipping for all the things she is not telling. Crisp. Deliciously enticing as the story unfolds. Soma is a wonderful writer on the rise. Perhaps I should have started this story with the first star of evening, visible to our planet but harking of another shore, lighting our sky. We walk the beach with her. And the tide pulls the diamonds to our hands. —Nikki Giovanni

    These intimate, gutsy, heartbreaking stories — stories about having bodies and having histories, having desire and having had desire — left me pleasantly shaken, cured of some psychic ailment I hadn't known I was afflicted with. This book is full of secrets, frank revelations, brutal honesties and tenderness; hard-won emotional truths and the bittersweet understanding that our primary relationship is with our self. —Michelle Tea

story in STORY

In the midst of novel revisions, it’s great to take a break and write work one can complete in days, not months/years. Today, I woke up humbled + honored by the fact that a new short piece has been accepted by the legendary STORY magazine, revived by Michael Nye. I’ve always admired STORY for publishing … Continue reading

2021 CLMP Firecracker Awards

How do our babies grow up so quickly? Subnivean—an internationally-read literary publication that I developed for SUNY undergraduates to staff, which has now received submissions from authors working in 48 countries and 48 U.S. states, plus the United States Virgin Islands—has been named a finalist in the 2021 CLMP Firecracker Awards. This national award will be presented by the Community of … Continue reading

New Year, New Anthology

Huzzah! Foglifter Press, which recently won the prestigious Whiting Award, will release Home is Where You Queer Your Heart in March ’21.


\ ¦Səb¦nivēən \ Adj: situated or transpiring under the snow Noun: a subnivean zone offering warmth and shelter Noun: an international publication elevating and amplifying high-caliber prose, poetry, audio and video — staffed by undergraduates at SUNY Oswego, where four times more snow falls on our city than Manhattan. We may be the new kids … Continue reading

Hyphen Magazine: New Story Featured in Arts & Culture Section

Humbled and honored, in a time of larger, hard-won victories and so many tragedies, to have a new story featured in the Arts & Culture section of Hyphen Magazine. If you read “Any Old Patient,” I’d love to hear your thoughts–as this piece deviates from my usual style, and was based on an actual event.

Notes from the Motherfield: August 2020

It’s been an absolute honor to be a part of Kore Press’s Notes from the Motherfield, alongside literary superstars including Toi Dericotte, Beth Alvarado, Khadijah Queen and so many others. I’m delighted to announce that Kore is taking its popular series, Notes from the Motherfield LIVE, online again in August 2020 and that I’ll be … Continue reading

C U @ AWP 2020?

If you’ll be at AWP 2020, let’s link up and toast to a mob of 12,000 lit’ nerds invading San Antonio. Hit me up, or find me here: To Boldly Go: Unconventional Publishing Opportunities from Radio and Beyond, 2020 AWP Conference: March 5, 2020, 1:45pm Room 214D, Henry B. González Convention Center 900 E Market Street … Continue reading

Tonight: Two Tats and a Lie

NYC lit’ community, please join Kate Angus, Matthew Aaron Goodman, Arisa White, Clifford Thompson, Shelly Oria, Mike Fu and Soma Mei Sheng Frazier for a round of micro-readings tonight, 10/12, at PEN America’s Lit Crawl NYC. TWO TATS AND A LIE Two readings relate to actual tattoos inked someplace on the readers’ bodies, and the … Continue reading

AWP 2020: To Boldly Go

To Boldly Go: Unconventional Publishing Opportunities from Radio and Beyond How are you getting your work out there? We are no longer limited to bare text on the physical or digital page—so I look forward to being part of an AWP 2020 panel discussion between mixed-media publishers, distributors, and technological facilitators who have worked across … Continue reading


It’s an enormous honor to have a feature in the inaugural issue of PULP. But what is PULP? To quote Katie Tandy, “PULP is a multimedia sex, sexuality, and reproductive rights publication celebrating this human coil hurtling through time and space. If you have a body, love a body, or are apt to wonder, just what … Continue reading