Wake Up, San Leandro

What do literary enigma Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler), acclaimed poet Arisa White, HBO Def Poetry Jams phenom’ Paul Flores, celebrated author Ariel Gore, PBS People’s Choice Award-winning filmmaker Arpita Kumar, musician Antique of Antique Naked Soul and ten other stellar artists have in common?

San Leandro.

That’s right. The sleepy little city of San Leandro.

This is just a sneak peak at our fabulous spring lineup. Come catch the superstars listed above, or take a deep breath and join them during the open mic’ portion of each event, on the first Thursday of every month this spring:

02/05/15: Ariel Gore, Antique (of Antique Naked Soul)
03/05/15: PBS People’s Choice Award winner Arpita Kumar, Cassandra Dallet
04/02/15: Daniel Handler (“Lemony Snicket”), Oakland Youth Poet Laureate winners/finalists
05/07/15: NAACP Image Award nominee and award-winning poet Arisa White

Here’s a link to our fledgling FB page (please Like it, if you actually do): CLICKETYCLICK HERE.  And here’s 02/05/15 featured artist Paul Flores interviewed on Forum, by Michael Krasny, in a show that I’m also honored to have played a very small part in (listen closely or you’ll miss it): TIPPITYTAP HERE.

See you in San Leandro.


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