Don’t Give Up on Alan Greenspan

…is available now, from CutBank. Another educator recently contacted me to let me know he’d be assigning the book to his students. If you read it, please give me your honest feedback. If your students read it, please relay theirs. Cheers!  

Award-winning Prose Chapbook Forthcoming from CutBank

If you plan on attending AWP 2019 in Portland, OR, I’d love to see you at the release party/reading (details forthcoming)!

AWP News to Boggle the Brain

Last year, for AWP, a group of Cogswell College undergrads and I flew to Tampa to present on the intersections of technology and the arts–and how a small, non-writing-focused college could use simple tools and complex literature to launch an international publication. Next, we’re Portland-bound! (Please find the event description for our AWP 2019 event … Continue reading

AWP Tampa, Here Comes COG…

Honored to announce that my proposal was accepted by AWP, so I’m headed to Tampa in March 2018 with three Cogswell students and a stellar COG contributor – poet July Westhale – to present the following panel: Taking it International: Undergrads on Creating a Multimedia Zine Read Outside the U.S. (Cheyenne Mikailli, Joseph Fortuno, Mohammed … Continue reading

2017 San Francisco Library Laureate

In 2017, to complete my novel, I’m letting all else – social life, R&R – slide a bit. But once in awhile, one needs to get out and socialize! Therefore, I’m both delighted and honored to serve as a 2017 San Francisco Library Laureate. Please consider joining me at this April’s gala in support of … Continue reading

But Why the Finance Page?

Today, I’m proud of three things. 1. I got up and put my pants on (always an accomplishment dammit). 2. Nomadic Press has graciously nominated my little chapbook, Salve, for the 2017 CLMP Firecracker Awards. 3. COG released of the full version of “The Last Gun” today. Written by Anne Harding Woodworth, narrated by Joseph DiPrisco and adapted … Continue reading

Holy Shizznikeys: Laureate & NPR Celeb?

COG, the literary journal I founded last year – which I run with my students at Cogswell College – is poised to announce the final judges of our two annual literary competitions, the COG Page to Screen Awards and the COG Poetry Awards. Frankly, our close-knit staff is dazzled by the caliber of our incoming judges, who … Continue reading

What? Noooo!

Over the years, friends have told me that the opening story in Collateral Damage confuses them. And now I realize why: the story’s final line, while included in the galleys, was omitted from the book. This line is the key to the story; what makes it good. The line is “Leave, Jason,” I say softly. I’m still wrapping my … Continue reading

Shut the Front Door! ZYZZYVA?

Is what a friend said when I showed her my gorgeous contributor’s copy. And that’s pretty much how I feel too: honored, humbled and downright baffled to see my work included alongside other writers’ in this iconic West Coast journal.

Glimmer Train 96: Still Can’t Believe My Eyes

It pretty much knocked me on my azz to receive my contributor’s copy of Glimmer Train 96. If I were a pincher, I’d be pinching myself black and blue. Winning this iconic journal’s Family Matters competition a few years back was a dream, and drew queries from agents at William Morris Endeavor, Folio and elsewhere. … Continue reading